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Increasing Rates & Decreasing Fed Balance Sheet

As the FOMC once again votes to increase the federal funds rate, they also announced a plan to begin reducing the Fed balance sheet. While no start date has been identified, once the tapering begins, how will these actions affect your own rate terms?​

The Logic Behind A Resilient Business

Emotions can hinder any business decisions in both the prosperous and challenging times. While those hasty decisions may not break an operation in the good times, farmers must interject logic through proactive planning and objective assessment to ensure their business remains sustainable and profitable as the economic reset continues.​

2016 Annual Report Now Available

2016 proved to be a year of unmistakable change for members of the farming industry as the ag economy downturn took root. Yet, your financial cooperative remains strong and prepared for what’s next. Our strategic focus remained centered on credit quality, stable earnings, and growth.​

Stockholder Leadership Opportunities

If you have ever considered serving on Farm Credit's nominating committee or board of directors, the 2017 nominating committee wants to know. Fill out a candidate interest form to submit your name and information by July 15. Following the deadline, the committee will review potential candidates to present at the Association's 2017 annual meeting.​

T.I.P. Technology Information Protection: Securing Mobile Devices

A lot of personal information is stored on mobile devices. If an unsecured cell phone, laptop, or tablet is stolen or misplaced, hackers can easily steal your identity or use your information to perform illegal activities. Following simple T.I.P. procedures when using a mobile device makes it more difficult for your information to be discovered and better protects you from the expensive and challenging process of recovering from identity theft.​

STAYING POWER: Is Volatility Friend Or Foe?

Is volatility in farming a friend or a foe? And how is today different from the 80s? FCI’s Steve Witges offers his insight and expertise on these questions in this issue of Staying Power.

The Difference Makers

As the agriculture reset continues, successful business owners and managers are making decisions not just to survive, but to position their operation for opportunity. These critical strategies in crucial moments can be the difference makers for the future of these agribusinesses.​

INTERESTing TIMES: How the Fed Rate Impacts Farmland & Export Prices

Following the increase in the Fed Funds Rate at the FOMC meeting in March, the committee predicts at least two more .25% rate hikes before the end of the year. Higher interest rates traditionally have several domino effects, many of which impact the agriculture industry - from land to export to interest prices.​

Farm Credit Names 2017 Agriculture Scholars

The recipients of nearly $50,000 of scholarships to high school seniors throughout central and southern Illinois pursuing agriculture-related majors and future careers were announced last week by Farm Credit Illinois. FCI awarded 24 high school seniors a $2,000 agriculture scholarship; two are designated as Urban Agriculture Scholars.​

How to find your competitive edge through learning opportunities

Embracing knowledge, capitalizing on opportunities, and fine-tuning their businesses helps farmers find their competitive edge in today’s ag economy.​