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  • Zero Percent Interest Gives Members Harvest Returns in Oct and Nov

Harvest Time Relief for FCI Members

FCI is providing their cooperative members two months of 0% interest on qualifying operating lines-of-credit with balances up to $500,000.​

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing More Farmland

During harvest, many farmers begin to think about expanding their farming business.  But before you purchase additional farmland, consider these four basic questions.

Spouse's Role in Retirement Planning

While the concept of retiring may seem foreign to many farmers, it is important to consider your options and start planning as early as possible with your business and life partner. As your most important ally in life, reach out to your spouse or partner to tackle the plan for a long, abundant life together.​

Loan Payment Calculator

The loan calculator is a handy tool to compute a loan's payment amount at various payment intervals based on the principal amount borrowed, the length of the loan and the annual interest rate. It will also create an amortization schedule report for you.

Taxes in Transition Planning

Farm transition planning is complex and the rules lengthy when it comes to the IRS tax code. Following Farm Credit College educational workshops earlier this year, Dr. Ferrell answers FCI member questions on taxes.​

On The Block

Farm Credit Illinois is maintaining a list of upcoming farmland auctions in the Association's 60-county marketplace. If you have an auction to include, please submit a form at or send a web link of the auction sale bill to

Promote Your Local Products On Farm Fresh Members Market

Do you produce retail agriculture products that are sold locally? Help FCI celebrate farm fresh retail products grown and sold by members. If your operation includes a retail ag business, sign up to be featured in the Farm Fresh Members Market.