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Common Crop Policy                                   

Revenue Protection

Revenue Protection (RP) coverage provides protection against production loss or price decline, or a combination of both. A guarantee is based on the higher of the Projected (Spring) Price or Harvest (Fall) Price. Combine this with Farm Credit's Enterprise Plus and increase your potential for claim payments based on individual yields, regardless of how your overall operation performs.

Add RevenueNet and eliminate the uncertainty of market volatility and lock in a high crop insurance base price.

Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPE)

Revenue loss protection at spring price. Provides the same initial revenue guarantee as RP. This revenue guarantee is based on the spring price only, so as a fixed revenue guarantee, when the harvest price goes higher, less bushels are protected. No Bushel Guarantee.

Yield Protection (YP)

Yield Protection (YP) coverage is a plan of insurance that only provides protection against a production loss and is available only for crops for which revenue protection is available. Yield Protection will make payments when yields fall below a yield guarantee. Losses are paid at the projected (spring) price.

  • RP can be purchased without Harvest Price protection to reduce premium.
  • Both RP and YP provide replant expense reimbursement protection, and prevented planting protection.
  • (Exceptions – No replant protection on fall wheat. Also no replant protection for any crops with CAT level YP.)
  • Unit Choices: YP – optional, basic, and enterprise. RP – optional, basic, and enterprise.
  • Coverage Levels – 50 to 85% of average yield on corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum. 50 to 75% for wheat. CAT level also available with YP on all crops.

Area Yield Protection (AYP) & Area Revenue Protection (ARP)

Area Yield Protection (AYP) – formerly GRP

A yield only protection policy. Uses an expected market price and expected county yield to determine the maximum protection/acre. There is no price protection built into this.

Area Revenue Protection (ARP) – formerly GRIP - HR

A revenue based policy. It uses expected county yield like AYP but uses the higher of spring or harvest price for the guarantee like the RP plan.

Area Revenue Protection Harvest Price Exclusion (ARP-HPE) - formerly GRIP

ARP-HPE only uses spring price and provides only a revenue guarantee.

MPCI Endorsements Available

High Risk Alternative Coverage Endorsement (HR-ACE)

Allows policyholders to insure high-risk acres at an additional coverage level that is lower than the coverage level on their non-high-risk acres (as an optional endorsement to a Federal reinsured additional corn, soybean, wheat, or grain sorghum policy).

Trend Adjusted APH

Optional endorsement that adjusts your actual production history (APH) yields to reflect long term yield increases based on your county’s historical yields

Enterprise Plus

A supplemental policy offered by Farm Credit that can be added to an Enterprise Unit Multi-Peril Policy.

Price Flex

Allows producers to select one or more monthly discovery periods to lock in potential higher projected price when compared to the February average.

Revenue Net

Allows producer to select one or more two week discovery periods ahead of the February average to lock in potential higher projected price.

Added Price Option (APO)

Allows producers to add additional price coverage to the projected price. A claim is triggered if the MP policy has a yield only loss.

Multiple Price Discovery (MPD)

Allows producers to select monthly discovery periods to lock in potential higher projected price when compared to the February average.

Private Area Revenue (PAR)

Allows producers to purchase coverage for area-level revenue risk that supplements the individual level coverage they receive from an individual MPCI policy. PAR offers a guarantee based on the expected area yield and the projected price.

Revenue Price Option (RPO)

Allows producers to increase the Revenue Protection (RP) projected price with additional price coverage per bushel for corn and soybeans.

Crop Hail Insurance

Stand Alone Policy - Written only on crops and fields the producer wants hail insurance on. Renewal date is June 1 for that crop year.

Auto-Hail - Hail policy tied in with a Multi-Peril crop insurance policy. Allows the producer to pick the amount of coverage per crop, per county and it is applied to all the crops covered on the MP policy.