Machinery, Structures, Livestock

Intermediate-term capital loans give you a competitive interest rate and repayment options tailored to the needs of your farming operation and seasonal cash flow.

Cash In On Cash

Many dealers offer a significant discount or rebate for paying cash instead of taking dealer financing. You may wonder which alternative - cash discount or reduced interest rate -- is better for you. Talk to your local Farm Credit Illinois lending professional for a rate-versus-cash comparison. You could come out ahead by taking the cash discount and using one of our flexible financing plans.

Ag Direct Financing at Dealerships

Manufacturer Financing Ending

If you received a manufacturer's special introductory financing on your tractor, combine or other equipment, contact your local Farm Credit Illinois lending professional before those terms expire and higher rates begin. Our rates and terms are often much better than those that automatically take effect at the end of the introductory pricing period. That means with a Farm Credit Illinois loan your savings may extend beyond the introductory period.

Payment Periods

Our loans offer longer repayment periods for your larger capital purchases. Loans are available for:

  • Up to seven years for new machinery
  • Up to four years for breeding livestock
  • Up to 10 years for some buildings and certain farm improvements

Payment Schedules

  • Choose from annual, semi-annual, or monthly payment schedules
  • Loans are tailored to the useful life of the item being financed so you're not paying for an asset that is physically depreciated

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