Five Things to Know When Looking For Country Living Financing

County living home buyingDon’t let lending limitations get in the way of your country living dreams. Find a lender who can finance whatever rural life you envision by asking the following questions.



  1. Are long-term fixed rates available?
    • Country living financing can get complicated. Find fixed rates and low down payment options when purchasing or refinancing that fit your rural land, home, or construction needs.

  2. Can outbuildings and acreage be financed in the same loan?
    • Rural properties are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to know the lender you choose can meet your unique needs and won’t require multiple loans with different rates, terms, and payments.

  3. Avoid paying multiple closing fees. Choose a lender who can offer financing from groundbreaking to loan maturity.
    • Many look to convert to permanent financing after construction to lock in a rate. Understanding the construction process can save you from paying multiple closing costs.

  4.  Are recreational or rural lot loans available?
    • It’s difficult to find long term fixed-rate financing for bare land – especially if no development is planned. Choose a loan that allows you to buy land for your country living and recreational purposes.

  5. Does the lender specialize in country living?
    • You’re looking for open space to live life your way. Look for a lender who understands the rural lifestyle and offers a wide range of country living solutions to make your dreams happen.

As the leader in country living lending, Farm Credit Illinois’ Rural 1st provides loan options for rural homes, construction, recreational land, and rural lots. Discover how Rural 1st can help you make the move.

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