Helping Farm Families Succeed

FCI Employees

Farm Credit employees live and work in the communities they serve. Their deep understanding of agriculture enables them to provide knowledgeable and effective service to farm families, rural landowners, and agribusinesses. FCI is committed to improving the quality of life for farmers and Rural America while fulfilling its core purpose of Helping Farm Families Succeed.

Farm Credit Illinois is

an agricultural financial cooperative owned by 16,000 farmer, rural landowner, and agribusiness voting stockholder members in the southern 60 counties of Illinois. Dedicated to Helping Farm Families Succeed, FCI provides competitive and flexible financing, crop insurance expertise, and Rural 1st® country life lending. FCI manages a $5.1 billion loan portfolio, sells 1.5 million acres of crop insurance coverage, and employs 260 staff in the Mahomet headquarters and 14 regional offices. The Association will return $40 million of 2021 earnings as cash patronage to member-borrowers in 2022. The U.S. Farm Credit System is a network of locally owned cooperatives supporting rural communities, farm families, and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services today and tomorrow.

Farm Credit Illinois supports rural communities, farm families, and agriculture with constructive credit and financial services, today and tomorrow.

Helping Farm
Families Succeed


  • Family

    FCI peers treat one another in a caring and responsive way usually reserved for family. From sustaining family farms for future generations to providing for our children, FCI emphasizes the importance of family in a multitude of ways.

  • Integrity

    Regardless of the circumstances, we treat our members and each other with respect, accept differences, and hold ourselves accountable through thick and thin.

  • Relationships

    Employees develop connections with members and peers through a foundation of trust, transparency, and support. We build and maintain deep and lasting bonds so others know they can depend on us when the need arises.

  • Expertise

    Whether it be risk management, loan advisement and preparation, or field support, FCI employees are specialists in our roles. We embrace lifelong learning and career development opportunities to provide exceptional service.

  • Passion

    Our strong, deep-seeded ties to the members and industry we serve are at the core of the work we do. This commitment makes us advocates for agriculture and links us beyond the work day – in our hearts and our ambitions.


The Association is part of the national Farm Credit System created by U.S. Congress in 1916 to support rural communities, farm families, and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services.

Today, the System is a network of cooperatives providing more then one-third of the credit needed by those who live and work in Rural America. Although the System is a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), Farm Credit is completely self-sustaining and operates without financial support from the federal government. FCI is one of 68 local Associations in the Farm Credit System. The System is a nationwide network of farmer owned credit cooperatives lending to agriculture and Rural America. To learn more about Farm Credit, visit the links below.


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