Capital Markets Group is a joint venture of Compeer Financial, Farm Credit Illinois & FCS Financial

Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, our capital markets group is joint venture of three Farm Credit Associations – Compeer Financial, Farm Credit Illinois, and FCS Financial. By leveraging our collective capital base, we achieve the size and scale necessary to serve the needs of the capital-intensive food, fiber and rural infrastructure sectors

We maintain core competencies in several industries, primarily:

  • Grain warehousing and farm supply
  • Corn and soybean milling, ethanol production
  • Protein sector, including pork, poultry, beef and diary
  • Food manufacturing in proteins and grains
  • Wine and spirits production and distribution
  • Wholesale and retail food distribution
  • Paper, steel and glass packaging
  • Timber and forest products
  • Rural infrastructure like rural power, telecom, and other utilities

 Our group focuses on developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with our partners and customers. To discuss how we can work together, contact us at 630-527-6426.

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