Farm Cash Management®


All Farm Cash Management® accounts earn the following interest rate:
3.90% effective August 8, 2023

The Farm Cash Management® program combines the availability of a revolving line of credit with the high return of a short-term investment account. The program saves you money by putting your funds to work where they generate the best return. Returns are far superior to the investment option of a low interest savings account.

Here's How It Works

  • When you have cash available, your operating loan is paid first and excess funds are then invested in an account comprised of AgriBank investment bonds.
  • These bonds pay interest at rates that are significantly higher than what can be earned on typical commercial bank accounts – like checking, savings, money markets and certificates of deposit (CDs).
  • When you need cash for operating expenses, the investment account funds are used first, before advancing funds on your operating loan, helping to minimize your operating loan interest cost.

Quick Access

  • Funds are immediately available by writing a draft on your revolving line of credit
  • Funds can be transferred via the Internet or by phone
  • Farm Cash Management investment funds are liquid and available at any time

Unlimited Disbursements

  • Farm Cash Management has no limits on the number of drafts that can be written or the number of electronic funds transfers that can be made.
  • There are no monthly or per check fees.

Tax Exempt

  • Interest earned on AgriBank investment bonds is exempt from state and local income tax, so the tax-adjusted annual yield is even higher.

Ease of Use

  • Using Farm Cash Management is as simple as making a loan payment or writing a draft on your operating loan.
  • Access funds, make payments, and check your balance using your myFCI online account.
  • Contact your local FCI office to get started.


DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: This is not an offer for the sale of Farm Cash Management (FCM) ® investment accounts or AgriBank Money Market Investments. Such investments are not insured by or a different obligation of the United States government. FCM investments can only be purchased directly from AgriBank, FCB. Carefully review the disclosure information provided to all prospective purchasers prior to purchasing. Farm Credit associations are not authorized to represent AgriBank regarding such investment accounts. You should not rely on any statement or opinion of our associations or personnel in deciding upon the safety and soundness of FCM accounts or their suitability for your particular situation. Certain terms and conditions apply to FCM accounts.  FCM® is an investment in AgriBank bonds. 


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