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Agriculture Scholarship Program

The 2024 Application deadline has passed. Check back in November for the 2025 program.


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Program Details

Thirty $2,500 Agriculture Scholarships are available to high school seniors who will study an ag-related curricula or trade in a college or vocational school next fall and pursue a career on the farm or in the industry. Two applicants of color will be designated “Diversity in Agriculture Scholars.”

Selection criteria includes participation and leadership contributions within school and community organizations, a genuine passion for farming and/or agriculture, and a commitment to pursuing an agriculture-related career. Recipients must reside – or their family must farm – in one of the 60 central and southern Illinois counties served by Farm Credit Illinois.

Recipients receive $1,250 of the scholarship for the Fall 2024 semester and the remaining $1,250 will be available to students who continue pursuing an agricultural degree during the Fall 2026 semester.

How to Apply

All applicants should complete the Application and upload the Passion for Agriculture video by February 29, 2024. Contact FCI with questions at or 217-590-2200. Recipients will be announced before the end of March. 

Lincoln Land Community College Scholarship Match

Lincoln Land Community College’s agriculture program provides a $1,250 scholarship match to Farm Credit Illinois Agriculture Scholars enrolling fulltime in agriculture in the Fall 2024 semester. More information is available from Lincoln Land agriculture staff.

Contact FCI with scholarship questions at or 217-590-2200.





    Passion For Agriculture Video

    Create a 30-45 second video on your phone capturing your passion for agriculture. After a quick personal introduction, showcase one specific object (i.e. memento, place, project, person, plant, animal) you treasure and describe its significance and how it helped shape your commitment to agriculture, food systems, or natural resources. Videos should be uploaded to a Dropbox link provided in the application.

    Video guidelines:

    • Begin the video by sharing your name, high school, and anticipated school.
    • Ask a friend or family member to record you holding the phone horizontally. We want to hear your voice, see your face, and view the showcased object.
    • Video length should be no longer than 45 seconds. Points will be deducted for videos exceeding this length.
    • Keep it simple and speak from your heart. No technical editing skills required (see sample videos below). 



    Tips for uploading video to DropBox:
    • link Dropbox Click this from the mobile device or computer where the video is saved. Upload the file directly by clicking "Add Files," then enter your name and email address before selecting "Upload." It may take a few minutes for the file to upload. Wait until you see the "Finished uploading" screen before closing the browser or navigating to another app.

    What to do if you encounter errors uploading the video and/or photo attachments:

    • Try an alternative browser - Google Chrome is preferable.
    • Transfer your video from your phone to the computer or tablet you're using to complete your application. Use your phone’s charging cord to transfer if the computer or tablet has a usb port.

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