FreshRoots Learning Incentives 

Embrace life-long learning while developing a network of relationships with farmer peers at learning programs. Current member-borrowers 40 years of age or younger or in their first 10 years of farming on the dates they attend their first learning program can earn up to $2,000 in FreshRoots vouchers by attending four FCI programs within four years.


  • Borrower-members 40 years of age or younger or in their first 10 years of farming qualify for up to $2,000 in FreshRoots learning incentives.
  • Young and beginning farmers do not have to participate in FreshRoots lending assistance to earn learning incentives.


Individual and married-couple borrower-members can earn up to $2,000 by attending four learning programs within four years.

FreshRoots Learning Incentive Voucher Programs

  • Participants should ideally attend Farm Financials 1 before Farm Financials 2.  If members do attend Farm Financials 2 first, the $500 voucher earned will not be paid out until completion of Farm Financials 1. 
  • The remaining two $500 learning incentive vouchers are not dependent on completion of Farm Financials 1 and 2; they can be earned at any time in any order.


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