Individual Crop Policy

How Revenue Protection (RP) and Yield Protection (YP) Work

Revenue Protection (RP)
Revenue Protection (RP) coverage provides protection against production loss or price decline, or a combination of both. A guarantee is based on the higher of the Projected (Spring) Price or Harvest (Fall) Price.

Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE)
Revenue loss protection at spring price. Provides the same initial revenue guarantee as RP. This revenue guarantee is based on the spring price only, so as a fixed revenue guarantee, when the harvest price goes higher, less bushels are protected. No Bushel Guarantee.

Yield Protection (YP)
Yield Protection (YP) coverage is a plan of insurance that only provides protection against a production loss and is available only for crops for which revenue protection is available. Yield Protection will make payments when yields fall below a yield guarantee. Losses are paid at the projected (spring) price.

Quick Facts

  • RP can be purchased without Harvest Price protection to reduce premium.
  • Both RP and YP provide replant expense reimbursement protection, and prevented planting protection.
    • Exceptions - No replant protection on fall wheat. Also no replant protection for any crops with CAT level YP.
  • Unit Choices:
    • YP - optional, basic, and enterprise (EI - enterprise by irrigation practice, or EC - enterprise by cropping practice)
    • RP - optional, basic, and enterprise (EI - enterprise by irrigation practice, or EC - enterprise by cropping practice)
  • Coverage Levels:
    • 50 to 85% of average yield on corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum
    • 50 to 85% for wheat
    • CAT level also available with YP on all crops


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