Multi-Peril Endorsements

Multi-peril crop insurance covers crop losses caused by natural events such as drought, excessive moisture, hail, wind, frost, insects and disease.


Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) - More Details & Coverage Scenarios

Enhanced Coverage Option is area-based coverage that can be added to an underlying individual plan of insurance.

High-Risk Land Exclusion Option (HRLEO)

A HRLEO provides the following coverage options for high-risk land:

  • Exclude coverage for the high-risk land under the base policy and not insure it.
  • Insure high-risk land under a separate Catastrophic Risk Protection Endorsement (CAT Policy).
    • The CAT policy for the high-risk land will be for yield protection only, even if revenue protection is elected for the base policy.
  • Insure high-risk land on a separate additional coverage policy (High-Risk Policy) with coverage greater than provided by a CAT policy but less than the coverage elected on the base policy.
    • This option is subject to availability in the actuarial documents.
    • If the base policy is under the YP plan of insurance, the coverage on the high-risk policy is limited to a lower YP coverage level.
    • If the base policy is under the RP plan of insurance, the following options are available for the high-risk policy:
    • RP at a lower coverage level than the coverage level on the base policy
    • YP at the same or lower coverage level than the RP coverage level on the base policy 

Multi-County Enterprise Units

Corn and soybeans are now eligible for Multi-County Enterprise Unites for two contiguous counties within a state. This endorsement allows a producer to combine crop acreage by practice into one Enterprise Unit, referred to as a Multi-County Enterprise Unit (MCEU).
  • Premium, guarantee, and liability will be calculated separately for each county in the MCEU. However, total insured acres will be used to determine the appropriate EU premium discount factor.
  • Replant, prevented planting, and claims for indemnity will be determined at the MCEU level.
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Trend Adjusted (TA) APH

Optional endorsement that adjusts your actual production history (APH) yields to reflect long term yield increases based on your county’s historical yields

White and Waxy Corn Coverage

You must divide data bases for your APH to include White and Waxy when a contract is in place. When reporting acreage, you must provide a copy of grower contract and a listing of White and/or Waxy corn prices (contracted and non-contracted) and insured acres capable of producing contracted bushels.

Contract Options

  • Acreage-based contracts: Acres based on lesser of acres specified in contract or planted acres.
  • Production-based contracts: Acres based on lesser of insured acres or acres determined by dividing contracted production by the approved yield.


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