Whether you're financing a new land purchase, refinancing a current mortgage or land contract, or making farm improvements, FCI has been a leader in competitively priced farm real estate loans for over 100 years. Farm Credit Illinois provides you with rate and term options customized for your unique requirements.

Terms & Rate Options

The majority of our farm real estate loans are fully amortized for 20 years, which means lower, more manageable payments. Shorter terms — as low as five years — also are available. Choose from annual, semi-annual, or monthly payment schedules. Our standard loans have no balloon payments so you won't be forced to renew or refinance at a later date when rates could be higher. And with no pre-payment penalty, you can pay ahead or pay off your loan at any time. Select an interest rate option that best meets your needs.


  • Fixed Rate Loans

    provide maximum rate stability. You can lock in your rate for 10, 15, or 20 years.

  • Adjustable Rate Loans

    allow you to lock in rates for one, two, three, five, seven, 10 or 15 years, providing you added flexibility to take advantage of changing market conditions.

  • Variable Rate

    is the most market-sensitive rate because it can change monthly. Historically, our variable rate has provided the most interest savings over the life of a loan.

  • Multi-Rate

    provides maximum interest rate protection by allowing you to place part of your loan on a longer-term fixed or adjustable rate and part on a shorter-term adjustable or variable rate, so whichever way interest rates move, you're protected.

  • Other Information

    Rate Conversions

    Conversion options, allowing you to change from one interest rate to another, also are available on most loans to provide you with even more flexibility to take advantage of market trends. Some conversion options are available during specific periods and may carry a fee but still are generally less costly than refinancing.

    Funds Held Account

    Maximize your return on cash by using your farm real estate loan's unique Funds Held account feature. Advance payments on your farm real estate loan can be placed in your personal Funds Held account to earn a very competitive interest rate until they are automatically applied to your next loan payment. This can effectively reduce your cost of borrowing significantly.

    Electronic Account Access & Transactions

    With myFCI - online banking, you can check on balances, interest and other account information, as well as transfer funds to and from your FCI account, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And do it all whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you in a secure, protected electronic environment.

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