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Tailor financing to the useful life of the asset with Farm Credit Illinois machinery or structure loans.


“If you’re looking for a lender who is going to advise and support you through farming’s unpredictability, work with Farm Credit.” – Lena Head, FCI member since 2018 

Deals at the Dealer

Cash Discount or Finance?

  • Many dealers offer a significant discount or rebate for paying cash instead of taking dealer financing. Discuss options with an FCI loan officer and see if you come out ahead by taking the cash discount while using one of FCI’s flexible financing plans.

Financing Promotion Ending?

  • If you received special introductory financing on a piece of equipment, talk to an FCI loan officer before those terms expire and higher rates begin to see if you can refinance for additional savings.

Purchasing Equipment with AgDirect®?

  • Farm Credit Illinois’ equipment financing program AgDirect® allows you to finance at the dealership without added calls or trips. And because AgDirect has no manufacturer rebate or financing restrictions, you don’t have to choose between attractive financing and purchase discounts.

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Competitive Rates & Flexible Terms

  • Term Options

    Finance assets up to 7 years for new machinery and 10 years for certain buildings and farm improvements.

  • Payment Schedules

    Select from annual, semi-annual, or monthly repayment options based on your seasonal cashflow.

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