Keep Your Information Secure with Software Updates

Computer UpdatingIt can be tempting to ignore notifications to update device software. Even though they are time consuming and seemingly never-ending, software updates are crucial and offer several benefits to you and your device. And as you evaluate year-end numbers and share sensitive information during loan renewal and tax season, this becomes crucial.

Repair Bugs & Add New Features

The faster you update your device, the sooner you can be reassured that your data is secure. Software updates give your device the opportunity to identify and repair any data bugs. They also remove outdated device features and add updated ones.

Keep Hackers Out of Your Devices

Outdated device software leaves you vulnerable to security holes or weaknesses in an operating system. Software vulnerabilities make it easy for hackers to access, steal, and gain control of your information. Software updates fix these security holes and eliminate hackers.

Protect Your Personal & Farm Business Information

As year-end financials approach, there is likely important information and documents on your devices. Any personal identifiable information such as your bank account number is especially valuable to hackers. Avoid putting your personal and farm business information at risk by updating your software.

Protect Others

Believe it or not, software updates do not only affect you and your device. Without updated software your device could contract a worm, which is a type of malware that can copy itself from one device to another. These worms can be passed along via software vulnerabilities or come in the form of spam emails or text messages. Software updates can prevent you from passing a worm onto the devices of family, friends, or business partners.

Even though it may be challenging to keep your software updated, the threat of a data breach provides motivation to make this practice a part of your routine. Take action and protect your sensitive information by keeping your devices up to date.




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